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senior investment

Watch this video first to see the NLP experience!

 Why chose NLP?

Here at Nicole Lopez Photography, we provide a unique senior photography experience unlike any other.  This is not your run of the mill boring senior photo session. We truly believe in making our seniors feel the best they have ever felt so we can let their true selves shine in their images. We guide you step-by-step from the very first inquiry through the entire process to ensure you have a smooth and wonderful experience with us.

What do I wear?!

Outfits should represent who you are at this point in your life.  They should make you feel beautiful and you definitely want to be comfortable. We recommend you bring 5-7 outfit choices so we can mix and match if needed. A few pant/jean outfits and a couple of dresses are ideal!  

Where will we shoot?

Well that depends.. what represents YOU?  Are you urban chic?  Country? Grunge?  Each session is customized to match our seniors and no matter what look you’re going for, we’re sure to find the perfect location!

What happens during the session?

Here is where you transform into a model!  😉  That confidence that may be buried is promised to shine through.  And don’t worry about the posing part.. we will guide you into those flattering poses.  In fact we typically spend more time setting up a shot and getting it perfect than we do snapping the shot itself.  🙂

I want more information! 
Great! Contact us now for full pricing and to start planning YOUR amazing senior experience!