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Sturgis High School Prom Shoot | Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of photographing an AMAZING group of teens from Sturgis High School in Michigan.  They were here in Boston competing in the Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference and missed their prom at home.  They reached out to me looking to get photographs done as if they were really going to prom, and let me tell you, we had SO MUCH FUN!  They got all decked out and we met up at the beautiful Museum of Fine Arts since the weather didn’t cooperate for us to take photographs outside.

These are not just kids; they are intelligent, fun, motivated young adults and I was so impressed by them!  They made a video about teens and drunk driving.  They competed against thousands of teens from all over the country and their presentation came in 4th place overall! I’m so proud of them!

Congratulations guys, I wish each and every one of you all of the success in the world!



Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston001 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston002 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston003 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston004 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston005 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston006 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston007 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston008 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston009 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston010 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston011 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston012 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston013 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston014 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston015 Sturgis-HS-Prom-Shoot-Museum-of-Fine-Arts-Boston016

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